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Punishing new track “Stygian Valley” from Uncured – Upcoming dates w/DevilDriver, Children of Bodom

Uncured delivers a punishing new song “Stygian Valley,” streaming below. It features ripping guitar work from 17 year-old guitar god Rex Cox and 19-year old brother Zak Cox. Yeah, you read that correctly—these dudes are that young and loaded with sick talent. It’s scary man. “Stygian Valley” is brutal, thrashy, melodic, and slightly progressive. These New […]

“Despacito” metal cover from Frog Leap Studios, Leo Moracchioli strikes again

Leo Moracchioli of Frog Leap Studios has been delivering amazing metal covers on his YouTube channel for several years now. They are all awesome and each video contains topnotch production quality. The latest cover from the Norwegian-based musician is “Despacito,” that Luis Fonsi song, later covered by Justin Bieber, you hear 7,000 times per day. […]