Motley Crue rips Jones Beach on July 8

What a sick show I saw last week. I am still recovering from the intense two-hour rockgasm that I experienced from the tenth row of Jones Beach.

Here are some observations I need to mention from the show:

  • Tommy Lee was not on his usual high rise drum kit and almost buried in the background.
  • The fire balls and neon laser lighting were in full effect. Gotta love it when your eyebrows practically burn off at a concert.
  • They didn’t play that many tunes off of Saints of Los Angeles, thank goodness.
  • The stadium seemed almost empty during Papa Roach, Trapt, and Buckcherry. I didn’t bother seeing any of these Cruefest participants myself because I didn’t want to miss the real party in the parking lot.

Overall, it was nice seeing a real rock show after the giant STP letdown at PNC Bank on May 31.

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  1. Like I’ve always said, “it’s rock or nothing”. I honestly haven’t heard a bad review from this tour. Maybe this will motivate the Crue to be consistent with their records from now on. Also, how many songs were played during their set?

    PS: And you’re right Tommy looks hidden away from it all.

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