From the AC/ newsletter:

AC/DC’s Give It All You Got contest is now open for business. It’s a three step process: first, get out the video camera and set the scene. Next, record your own version of the brand new AC/DC fist-pumping, get-the-whole-gang-together-sing-along-chorus-inducing anthem “Rock ‘N Roll Train” in any style you want – karaoke or ukulele, electric guitar through a Marshall amp or air guitar on top of your kitchen table. Anything goes as long as the passion is there. Finally, add your video by following the steps outlined on our Give It All You Got contest page and keep checking back to see your competition as the days roll on.

If you truly let it all hang out, you’ll have a shot at one of our grand prizes: a Gibson SG Angus Young signature model and a Gretsch G6131MY Malcolm Young signature model, both hand-signed by AC/DC.

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