Review: AC/DC "War Machine" [2008]

AC/DC released a second track from their much anticipated album, Black Ice. The new song, “War Machine,” is currently streaming on their MySpace.

“War Machine” begins with the bass guitar and drums preparing for an eruption of rock and roll bliss. The guitars enter the buildup to aid the volcanic rumble. Brian Johnson’s vocals sound awesome as usual — has this guy aged? Angus Young’s guitar solo is fairly short like “Rock and Roll Train,” which was again, disappointing. Hopefully, Young will deliver some old school rock and roll heart when performing these tunes live on the “Black Ice World Tour.” 8/10

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  1. AC/DC’s two new tunes are defintely rocking!!!!!it’s impossible for me to give them the 100% focus they deserve b/c i can’t stop listening to Death Magnetic. METALLICA FUCKIN LUV YOU BABBBBBBBBBY

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