Review: Alghazanth – Wreath of Thevetat [2008]

By Mike SOS

Symphonic black metal merchants, Alghazanth, come blasting out of the gate with regal synth work and blistering guitar and drum interlockings on their eight-track Wreath of Thevetat. This Finnish corpse-painted crew channel the evil into swirling movements of melodic death metal majesty on cuts such as the eerie “The Kings to Come,” “Twice-Born,” and the grab you by the throat immediacy heard on “The Phosphorescent.”

While their style is unashamedly ripped from the clutches of Emperor and Dimmu Borgir, this quintet’s dead-on display of symphonic black metal emits an epic vibe those entrenched in the darkside willl undoubtedly embrace.

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