Southern space rock? Hell yes, courtesy of Gideon Smith, whose swampy swagger goes galactic on South Side of the Moon, this eclectic artist’s latest 13-track endeavor. Meshing down south jukin’ with the trippy acumen of Hawkwind sounds daunting, yet Smith and his backing band, The Dixie Damned (consisting of members of Novadriver and Big Chief) get it right — tossing in some 60’s psychedelia on tracks like “Shimmering Rain” for added texture. While this one time roadie for Antiseen’s voice makes for an acquired taste (think Jim Morrison duking it out with David Allan Coe), the doom-laden blues jamming heard on “Black Cat Road” and the star-saoked Skynyrd gone skyward shuffle of “Feather’s Shadow” fit the bill for a fun and futuristic boogie rock rocket ride. www.smallstone.comMike SOS

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