It’s no surprise that Long Island native John Sullivan takes quite a few cues from a certain famous Long Island piano man on the 12-track album A Sound Opportunity For Your Last Music Purchase. However, the five piece The John Sullivan Brigade rounds out the obvious influence with a slew of other classic rock luminaries such as George Thorogood and Jackson Browne on cuts like the wistful “In Control” and the saxophone and guitar driven barroom rock of “Dead End,” even going so far as laying down a ballad worthy for a Happy Days sock hop on “Praying For,” and taking snippets of “19th Nervous Breakdown” to comprise the cool faded-out “Reflection #203.” No frills rock ‘n roll played without pretense best describes this unit whose latest offering fits snugly in between your Springsteen and Rolling Stones collection. www.johnsullivanbrigade.comMike SOS

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