amazon-carnifexDeathcore troupe Carnifex unleashes the well-balanced THE DISEASED AND THE POISONED upon the hapless masses. This predictable but succinct 12-track affair contains a smörgåsbord of  malicious elements needed in order to steamroll over legions of modern metalheads. From the demonically chugging riffs on 4 to rousing yet obligatory breakdowns snugly fit in between the chaos found on tracks like “11” and  “3”  to featuring a well-rounded vocal range whose steadfast intensity and brutality helms the entire affair, it’s safe to proclaim Carnifex as a band far from reinventing the wheel, but at least this San Diego squad’s vicious sophomore effort maintains a sincerely bludgeoning level throughout this release’s duration, rendering this outfit a cut above the norm. www.victoryrecords.comMike SOS

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