Review: Cradle To Grave – Texas Medicine [2008]

amazon-cradle-to-graveCrushing Canadian crew Cradle to Grave cram a truckload of groove metal licks and unabashed aggression into their 11-track release TEXAS MEDICINE. There’s enough Pantera worship here to last a lifetime, but there’s more to this quartet than that, as this disc balances out the mix with shards of punk metal grit and thrash metal tempo blasts to make this Devin Townsend-produced affair a ballsy bruiser you’ll be playing over and over. If you dig having to do with the Cowboys from Hell, Pissing Razors, Machine Head, or Sepultura, this disc will leave an indelible impression on you with its well-textured metal attack. www.yearofthesun.comMike SOS

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