Review: Rocketship Park – Off and Away [2008]

amazon-rocketship-parkAn ensemble of NYC musicians comprise the alternative Americana act Rocketship Park, whose latest 10-track release OFF & AWAY is laden with a vast array of instrumentation from strings to horns, working together to add ush textures to the sad melodies heard on the weepy “Drinkin Buddy” and “Birthday Death Wish.” From the piano and tambourine led shuffle of “Loser’s Lament” to pedal steel guitarwork on “Family Farm” to the handclaps and banjo plucks on “Because Two Candles” to the vibraphone on “Stuck in a Dream,” the stunning accoutrements added to this disc’s melancholic acoustic guitar and vocal approach reveal lush dreamlike places lying past random Midwestern prarielands where Neil Young, My Morning Jacket, Wilco and Lucinda Williams frequently visit. www.seriousbusinessrecords.comMike SOS

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