Review: Sixx: A.M. – Live is Beautiful [2008]

amazon-sixx-am-liveIt has been approximately 15 months since Nikki Sixx [Mötley Crüe] released The Heroin Diaries with Sixx: A.M. So, what comes next? Well, the live EP of course. The follow-up, Live is Beautiful, has arrived in stores just in time for the holiday season. The EP features live cuts of eight of the 13 tunes on The Heroin Diaries—not exactly breaking new ground, but who are we to complain about another Nikki Sixx release.

The setlist consists of solid performances of “X-Mas in Hell,” “Pray For Me,” “Heart Failure,” “Intermission,” “Deadman’s Ballet,” “Tomorrow,” “Accidents Can Happen,” and “Life is Beautiful” in that order.

Here’s the bottom line: the live versions sound great, the mix is well done, but the songs sound exactly like the studio versions, except for the Crüe Fest crowd noise during the beginnings and endings of the tracks. If you dig The Heroin Diaries or are a die hard Crüehead then you are completely obligated to purchase this import without whining. For the rest of us, your money is probably better spent elsewhere especially with our current financial crisis breathing down our backs. B-

Sixx:A.M. is James Michael [vocals], Nikki Sixx [bass], DJ Ashba [guitars], and Tony Palermo [drums]

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  1. i like the cds and i think anyone else would too. if you liked the book(which i did alot) than listen to the cds they are equally as emotional as the book touching and telling you the horrors of a life riuned by drugs. . . read the books please than listen to the cds and then tell me you dont see through different eyes. thank you

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