Jack Black Wants You To Slay Mythical Enemies With Heavy Metal

amazon-brutal-legendJack Black on Brutal Legend, a video game he developed that is due out next year:

“When I was a child listening to metal, I imagined myself slaying dragons to the music, or riding pterodactyls, or strangling a Minotaur, or making love to a beautiful centaur. You couldn’t do that back then. You could only imagine that. What this game allows you to do is physicalize heavy metal music. You can do battle with this dramatic, dangerous music as your score. It’s a real wish-fulfillment game for me” [latimes.com].

Brutal Legend will feature new music from Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Zakk Wylde, Wolfmother, and Ronnie James Dio. Lemmy Kilmister provides the voice of the character Kill Master, Rob Halford voices General Lionwhyte, and Dio has an unnamed role [wikipedia.com].

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Game Trailer:

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