Review: Synastry – Blind Eyes Bleed [2008]

blind-eyesMontreal-based metal maulers Synastry play a brutal yet groovy style of death metal with fringes of industrial that recall bands such as Fear Factory and Killing Joke with the savagery of acts like Kataklysm. While this quartet’s sturdy formula of adding futuristic studio elements to accentuate their streamlined death metal chug has been done already, this band seems to have a firm handle on presenting the best parts of the movement without sounding overtly similar to any other particular group. Instead, songs like “As The Dust Settles” clings tight to the growling death metal barks as bleak electronic blips dispersed between the mid-tempo rhythmic crush  add a well-roundedness to the entire affair. Imagine Static X colliding with Cannibal Corpse (“Precious Time Bomb”) for an idea of  mechanical malevolence this unit unveils on BLIND EYES BLEED. www.synastry.comMike SOS

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