Review: Outlaw Order – Dragging Down The Enforcer [2008]

amazon-outlaw-orderMade up entirely from past members of underground metal stalwarts Eyehategod and formed while all were on probation for various crimes, expect a sinewy and sinister sludgefest courtesy of the NOLA quintet Outlaw Order and their 13-track full-length debut DRAGGING DOWN THE ENFORCER. Pummeling your speakers with a sometimes lethargic but always lethal  low end crunch, cuts like the blunt “Double Barrel Solves Everything” and the bluesy “Alcohol Tobacco Firearms” truly encompass the uniqueness when quicksand grooves meet snarling anarchistic rants while molten rhythms chug in odd times (“Siege Mentality,” “Walking Papers”). Make no mistake, this is New Orleans metal at its most volatile, sounding like a culmination of the city’s fury that still struggles with post-Katrina wreckage long after impact was initiated. -Mike SOS

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