Review: The Ray Gradys – Rednecks, Zombies, Terrorists [2008]

amazon-ray-gradysPhiladelphia punk rock band The Ray Gradys are a high-energy crew whose unbelievably strong chops and solid musicianship help turn in a raucous release in the form of their latest 11-track jaunt REDNECKS, ZOMBIES, TERRORISTS. Blistering fast chops and tongue in cheek humor are served up with booming bass lines, rendering a well-rounded punk rock assault on tracks like “Modern Day Punk,” “Mustache Riders in the Sky” and “Conformity.” Retaining a fresh sound while referencing acts like NOFX and Rancid, cuts like “A Reply From the Critics” and “Holiday in Iraq” embody the brazen punk rock attitude that you can’t buy at the mall. When you’re ready for a slab of versatile and potent punk rock, you can’t go wrong with the latest by The Ray Gradys. -Mike SOS

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