Review: Static-X "Stingwray" [Single-2009]

amazon-static-xWhen I first heard Static-X’s “Push It” on modern rock radio, my initial thought was that the band was “just another flaky Rob Zombie wanna be.” Nearly 10 years later, after hearing their brand new single “Stingwray,” Static-X has still yet to evolve into a sound of their own. In one respect, you can say they have stuck to their guns in their industrial metal ways over the past decade. However, the music is unexciting and flat out boring. If cliche industrial metal guitars with repetitive drum beats and barking vocals make up your flavor of choice, then you will continue to enjoy this non-innovative group. For the rest of us, we can take a free pass on this track. 4/10

“Stingwray” is the sixth track from the upcoming album Cult of Static

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