Review: East Of The Wall – Farmer's Almanac [2008]

amazon-east-of-the-wallComprised of former members of Biclops and The Postman Syndrome, fans of the aforementioned as well as instrumental rock fans everywhere will rejoice when hearing this excellent eight-track excursion. Twisting and turning with jaw-dropping riffs, fluid drums, and a non-linear songwriting mindset, this squad skillfully showcases their passion for melding tricky math rock heft with spacey prog rock depth on cuts like “Clowning Achievement” and the spectacular “Winter’s Breath.” This group effortlessly spits out runoffs of Pelican meets King Crimson riffs and fills across the duration of this bold endeavor, making room for times when trumpets sometimes appear (“Unwanted Guest I”) amongst stunning arrays of expert fretwork (“I Am Crying Nonstop Hysterically”).  Composed with cinematic care (“Switchblade Knife”), the seamless transitions and musical interplay heard on FARMER’S ALMANAC display an outfit equipped with an adventurous and experimental edge with the tremendous chops to fully realize their far-reaching finds. -Mike SOS

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