Review: Banner Pilot – Resignation Day [2008]

amazon-banner-pilotMinneapolis punk trio Banner Pilot steps up with their second offering, the 12-track RESIGNATION DAY. Determined to keep sneering punk rock front and center, songs like “Saltash Luck” and “Wired Wrong” may suffer from sounding a bit too much like one another, yet ths troupe’s tried and true let it all hang out punk rock formula loudly cuts through thanks to the buzzsaw guitars and dramatic pauses that assist tracks like “Empty Your Bottles,” “No Transfer,” and “Speed Trap.” Laying down infectious melodies that are as common as the everyday cold, Banner Pilot doesn’t bowl you over with jaw-dropping originality nor impress with a grandiose delivery, yet does an admirable job of dropping off a rough around the edges no frills blue collar punk rock with a everyman bare bones vibe permeating throughout. -Mike SOS

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