Review: Dog Fashion Disco – Beating A Dead Horse To Death…Again [2008]

amazon-dog-fashion-discoDigging through the vaults once again, eccentric Maryland metal squad Dog Fashion Disco have dug deep and have excavated 14 more tracks to share with the rest of its “mushroom cult” with BEATING A DEAD HORSE TO DEATH…AGAIN. Posting a noticeable presence in the underground metal scene thanks to their Faith No More meets System of a Down slant on heavy music, this disc acts as a cleansing of sorts, featuring everything from tracks from a live performance radio gig to some soundtrack work to a couple of joke acoustic tracks that showcase the band’s patented jolly assault on the jugular. Dog Fashion Disco succinctly ties up their loose ends via this posthumous offering, making it a perfect ending for the most adamant of this outfit’s fans to relish in. -Mike SOS

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