Review: Slank – Anthem For The Broken Hearted [2008]

amazon-slankAll the way from Indonesia comes long-running outfit Slank with ANTHEM FOR THE BROKEN HEARTED, the band’s first venture into recording an English-language album. This 10-track effort yields a gravel-throated but light-hearted hard rock affair that borrows as much from punchy pop-punk as it does from hair metal’s excess on cuts like “I Miss U But I Hate U” and “Since You’ve Been Gone.” Imagine a cross between Cheap Trick’s infectious melodies and the tenderness of Firehouse to get an idea of what’s in store when tracks like “Caricature” and “Do Something” hit your speakers. Innocuous and catchy, Slank provides a buffer between your Bon Jovi and Matchbox Twenty discs. -Mike SOS

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