Review: Khold – Hundre Ar Gammal [2008]

amazon-kholdNorwegian black metal merchants Khold reappear with another scathing release sung in their native tongue in the form of the 11-track HUNDRE AR GAMMAL. Laden with nefarious grooves (“Trolos”) and bolstered by a demonically-charged vocal rasp, tracks such as the slow-crawling to mid-paced maul of “Sann Ditt Svik” resonates with a true sense of dread while the malevolent title track contains the steady pummeling nuances of seminal acts such as Celtic Frost and Emperor. Once again championing their now-patented sinister yet simplistic approach for another gruesome go-round, the fifth album from this veritable lot offers little in surprises but yields a fruitful listen for those who crave sounds emanating from the darker end of the spectrum. -Mike SOS

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