amazon-evan-hammerThe latest project by Brooklyn-based bassist Evan Hammer is a versatile release made by a multitude of musicians corralled to form a collective that dutifully brings this batch of songs admittedly “written by a younger man” to life on the 10-track BRIGHT DAY FOR A FROG’S REBELLION. Switching between jangly drug-era Beatles (“Martin Kane’s Magic Kandy Kanes”) and woebegone acoustic folk (“Hello Love”) isn’t an easy transition to get right, yet Hammer successfully chose the right musicians to achieve each song’s uniqueness, whether it be best suited for a smoky nightclub (“Little Girl”), a psychobilly luau (“What She Wants With Me”), or a post-grunge campfire (“A Barren Blue”). A musical potpourri that forms a composite of a wide range of styles from Barenaked Ladies to The Killers to Elliot Smith (“Harold Called This Morning”, “Honeypot Delinquents”), if you like variety, Evan Hammer delivers. -Mike SOS

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