amazon-roadsawBoston-based outfit Roadsaw have returned from “indefinite hiatus” with SEE YOU IN HELL, a durable 11-track comeback. Bringing their brand of blue-collar heavy blues rock to the forefront, the Fu-Manchu meets Nebula groove on “Go It Alone” proves the band capable of laying down banging buzzsaw riffs, the fuzzed-out title track stomps like a sludged-out AC/DC, and  the muscular barroom blues of “Leavin” manages to coherently cross the wares of Tesla and Seemless. Roadsaw also get contemplative during the acoustic desert rock of “Dead Horse,” but for the majority of the time this triumphant act turns up the volume and cranks out an impressive return disc fortified with the kind of nasty guitar heroics and gritty rhythms that stoner metal fans will embrace. -Mike SOS

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