metalshow_logo2This week’s episode of That Metal Show, starring hard rock DJ Eddie Trunk and comedians Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, featured Extreme’s Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt.

The hosts opening discussion concerned whether the age of iTunes is killing the full rock album. Florentine, Trunk, and Jamieson all agree that digital releases are bad—not the most exciting opener.

amazon-extreme-saudadesBettencourt and Cherone of Extreme talked about why they decided to embark on the reunion record Saudades de Rock and tour. “We  are out of money,” said Cherone with Bettencourt nodding in acquiescence. When Bettencourt was touring with The Satellite Party in Europe, he realized that many Extreme fans missed the band.

Florentine and Jamieson went to London (Hammersmith Odeon) to trick Motorhead fans similar to the Van Halen prank of season one. They convinced a fat guy to donate his shirt, play the drums on his stomach, and to rip his underwear. “This is how we do it in Canada,” said the hapless plumper.

This week Trunk answered two out of four questions correctly. Kerri Lee brought out the box of junk where one contestant won Rock Band 2 and another received The Unholy Alliance DVD.

There were several “Picks of the Week” in this episode: Florentine picked Janko Jones, Jamieson chose The Binges, and Trunk recommended Richie Kotzen.

The email of the week asked: Whatever happened to Jason Newstead? Newstead did Echobrain, Voivod, Rock Star Supernova, Ozzfest tour, and he was invited to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction of Metallica. Unfortunately, we learned nothing new.

“The Throwdown” debate consisted of the meanest metal album: Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power or Slayer’s Reign in Blood. Cherone, Bettencourt, Florentine, and Jamieson picked Pantera while Trunk chose Slayer because the question was “meaner album.” Florentine noted that Vulgar makes you violent.

Next week episode will feature Rob and Lips of Anvil.

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