Review: Katy Mae – You May Already Be A Winner [2008]

The latest five-track excursion from NYC’s Katy Mae showcases a beefier output than past releases thanks to the group adding a second guitar, a move that furthers this unit’s reputation of taking its rock ‘n roll seriously. Strengthened by their ability to draw from their vast influences ranging from anthemic heartland rock (“Falls Down”) and upbeat college rock (“Let Me Bring You Down”) to alt-country twang with  Smithereens-like wallop (“You May Already Be a Winner”), Katy Mae blends classic rock aura with chunks of modern rock muscle to create stirring tunes with sweeping dynamics (“Dust of My Friends”), reminiscent of a powerful mix of Pearl Jam and The Who. Multi-faceted and always ready to rock, Katy Mae’s balancing act is worthy of repeated spins for anyone that can appreciate genuine rock ‘n roll that knows its roots. -Mike SOS

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