metalshow_logo3Last night’s episode of That Metal Show, starring hard rock DJ Eddie Trunk, and comedians Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, featured special guests, Rob and Lips of Anvil.

The hosts discussed the degree of cheesiness of hair metal bands, and provided a comparitive analysis to today’s hip-hop and pop music, which ended with a fiery declaration from a turtle neck-sporting Florentine.

Rob and Lips from the band and rockumentary, Anvil: The Story of Anvil served as this week’s guests and focus. The episode featured several clips of the movie displaying the hardships of the band’s touring.

kerri-lee-boxKerri Lee [left], looking her best yet, escorted the Box of Junk for “Stump The Trunk.” Trunk went 2 for 4 keeping his seasonal average at .500.

Buckcherry’s Black Butterfly was “The Pick of the Week” because of their modern interpretation of the classic hard rock sound. This was a disappointing choice because the host’s should be acknowledging more exciting bands such as Airbourne and The Answer, both of which do it much better.

“Whatever Happened To” concerned the whereabouts of the members of Savatage who are essentially the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Randy Rhoads battled Eddie Van Halen in “The Throwdown.” Jamieson, Rob, Lips, and the audience sided with Rhoads. Once again Trunk chose the unpopular side. My take is that Rhoads is clearly more important to Heavy Metal than EVH, but EVH is still important to Hard Rock.

Next week’s guest is Duff McKagan and features an interview with Lemmy!

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2 thoughts on “Recap: "That Metal Show" Season 2 Episode 4 [3-28-09] Rob & Lips of Anvil

  1. Without EVH there would be no heavy metal electric guitar technique as we know it. EVH turned the world upside down with Eruption and the first two VH albums in particular. EVH influenced countless imitators including Rhodes himself. EVH is important to rock, metal and technical neo-classicial. EVH over Rhodes no doubt. But Randy was great in his own right, and also influential in the development of heavy rock guitar. Both were great and are legends but Eddie gets the nod first no matter what anyone says.

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