Review: Queensryche – American Soldier [2009]

amazon-queensrycheQueensrÿche is back with the conceptual release American Soldier,which fuses some awkward modern rock elements (“Middle of Hell”) with their progressive hard rock edge (“If I Were King”).  Many of the tracks begin with or contain interludes of army veterans telling their war stories. The highlights of the record consist of the dramatic ballad “Home Again,” featuring the vocal talent of Geoff Tate (that would make him suitable for a Broadway lead), and the heavy groove prominent on the power hungry “Man Down.” Queensrÿche did not create the greatest concept album of all-time but one worth giving a shot, despite its gawky moments.

25-starsQueensrÿche is Geoff Tate (Vocals), Michael Wilton (Guitars), Eddie Jackson (Bass), & Scott Rockenfield (Drums).

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  1. Not happy with this record….I think its time to stop making concept records and start making rock records like “Warning” and “Empire”.

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