Review: Thyrfing – Hels Vite [2009]

Swedish Viking metal veterans Thyrfing have undergone some lineup changes (most notably vocally) since their last offering in 2005, yet this quintet seems to have gained strength from the shakeup and have decisively become darker in the process. HELS VITE is the troupe’s icy seven-track statement, a releases which comes complete with a proper balance […]

Review: Xystus – Equilibrio [2008]

Dutch metal project Xystus surpasses typical rock opera expectations on the troupe’s latest grandiose expose entitled EQUILIBRIO. This brazen theatrical affair boasts a cast and crew over 130 members strong, including a massive choir reserved for religious celebrations and a show-stealing full scale orchestra to properly carry mainman’s Bas Dolmans’ epic vision to life. Highlighted […]