Review: Beehoover – Heavy Zoooo [2008]

amazon-beehooverGerman drum and bass duo Beehoover unfurl a wild concoction of stoner rock, psychedelic metal, and weird rock ‘n roll on their sophomore effort HEAVY ZOOO. Fearlessly hopping from genre to genre bending minds along the way, this tandem decisively dissects your subconscious with spacey textures and galactic overtones encompassing massive hellfire riffs found on cuts like the fluid “I Desert” and the gutwrenching “Pain Power.” If you dig Melvins, Death from Above 1979, Kyuss, or System of a Down and can muster the thought of a unit joining all of those elements together, then run to the store immediately and get immersed in Beehoover’s off-kilter antics with this gargantuan groove-laden 10-track affair. -Mike SOS

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