Review: The Last Vegas – Whatever Gets You Off [2009]

amazon-last-vegas1If you are down with the classic hard rock sound of Airbourne and The Answer, then you will adore the trash glam band, The Last Vegas from Chicago. WHATEVER GETS YOU OFF features plenty of obnoxious headbanging cuts (“Whatever Gets You Off,” “Cherry Red”) and power ballad blitzes (“Loose Lips,” “Apologize”) that will blast you back to the Sunset Strip circa 1982. There are plenty of catchy hooks (“I’m Bad”) on this record that will stick to your thick-ass skull for weeks. While much of the success of this band has a lot to do with the resurgence and recent popularity of the Rocklahoma festival and Bret Michael’s Rock of Love, The Last Vegas brings an updated fresh vibe to the 80’s glam culture. Look for this record to make many of rock’s year-end best of 2009 lists -Meds

4-starsThe Last Vegas is Chad Cherry (Vocals), Adam D’Arling (Guitars),  Johnny Wator (Guitars), Danny Smash (Bass), &  Nate Arling (Drums).

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