amazon-bionicCanadian rock outfit Bionic deliver a galactic group of good times rock tonnage on their bombastic 10-track attack BLACK BLOOD. Bad to the bone rhythms (“Learn to Love the Government”) and fuzzed-out jams (“Theme for a Young Lion”) collide with a marching band (“Freedom Now, Baby”) for the supercharged cruise through the desert in a muscle car vibe. Honkytonk piano, rowdy horns and badass guitar bends are tatooed all over this disc, subtlety exposing hard rock’s gritty underbelly without a hint of restraint (“Econo Tusk,” “Soft as Magarine”). Dripping with attitude reinforced with a smattering of soulful rock ‘n roll, this disc melds the freewheeling natures of Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu and Clutch together for a raucous ride rocks fans will clamor for. -Mike SOS

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