amazon-dimension-zeroBoasting an impressive pedigree (featuring members of Soilwork and In Flames) and a penchant for punishment, Swedish melodic death metal troupe Dimension Zero return with its fourth installment of brutality with  HE WHO SHALL NOT BLEED. This 11-track effort merges blistering thrash with diabolical death ‘n roll, relying heavily on a ferocious flurry of relentless riffs, pummeling rhythms, and vicious vocals on tracks like “Going Deep” and  the furious title track while tracks like “Red Dead Heat” and the slightly more melodic “Hell Is Within” hammer the group’s  metallic points into your skull with boisterous blunt force. Despite its noticeable lack of tempo variation, the continuously frantic pace set here plays up  Dimension Zero’s strengths, allowing the listener to throw caution to the wind and headbang to heart’s content with reckless abandon. -Mike SOS

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