amazon-leacherousSouth Carolina quintet Lecherous Nocturne bust out from the gates of the netherworld with a devastating eight-track excursion in tow titled THE AGE OF MIRACLES HAS PASSED. This blistering and brutal unit (featuring members of Nile and Monstrosity) rip and tear with a dastardly death meet black metal amalgamation on cuts like the pulverizing “We Are As Dust” and the exasperating slow crawl of the title track. Providing a compact (this disc only runs 28 minutes long) yet complete aural bludgeoning, this release brims over with an uncompromising array of surprisingly memorable moments bordering on catchy (“Requiem for the Insects”) in between its chaotic abrasiveness, swiftly catapulting this act to the top of the extreme metal fold. -Mike SOS

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