Why You Should Avoid The Music Snob

The worst type of music fan is the snob. Everybody knows at least one person on the planet that believes his or her own obnoxious opinion on a particular artist or song is the only infallible truth to speak. As a fan of rock music, it is the type of personality one should avoid associating with and the type to never take on for one’s self.

What is a music snob?

A music snob is never truly happy with music and usually with their own life. They, often unintentionally, bring you down by offering a demeaning comment about a band you love, and sometimes direct their harsh comments at you for enjoying such a band.

I was once a music snob. I was a teenager and thought I knew everything about what sounded good, what real talent was made of—in other words, I was a miserable loser.

What’s the alternative?

You should always look for the positive light in a song, album, live performance, and band—that is musical ecstasy. It does not pay to let snobbery get the best of you ever.

It is never profitable to hang around people who think their knowledge of music is stronger than yours. In fact, the best thing one can do is to let them and their arrogance go. If everyone followed suit, then these opinionated snobs would eventually meet their extinction.

What can I do if I encounter a music snob? Are there other types of snobs I should avoid?

This is very practical advice which has many other applications as well. Take for example the fanatics you see on social media that relentlessly flaunt their political agendas. Practice avoiding these lowly armchair orators and snobs. And when you do encounter them on occasion, take pity on their lost souls. They are most likely miserable bottom feeders that have not yet managed to find any peace of mind.

But, I like, have my own opinions man, what should I do?

Keep them to thyself! Ha, good luck with that…

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