Review: Impiety – Dominator [EP-2008]


Singapore black metal troupe Impiety maintain a dastardly level of speed throughout the course of their latest five-song, 15-minute endeavor DOMINATOR, as this black-death hybrid troupe bludgeon the ears with a speed-driven assault exploding with bad intent. Tracks like “At War with Temujin” demonstrate this veteran squad’s penchant for whipping up a maelstrom of malevolent riffs, hyperspeed percussion, and diabolical vocal all in the name of evil while the title cut showcases a blackened outlook with a particularly menacing vocal performance full of grunts and laughs guiding the hellacious affair. Dripping with demonic overtones and wrought with a vicious display of velocity, Impiety’s brief yet potent strike yields a listening experience tailor made for those unafraid of the darker side of the spectrum. -Mike SOS


3-stars3Impiety is Shyaithen (Vocals/Guitar), Mike Priest (Guitar), Demonomancer (Bass), & Tremor (Drums).


Track Listing:

  1. “Introbliteration”
  2. “Slaughterror Superiority”
  3. “Dominator”
  4. “The Black Vomit”
  5. “At War With Temujin”

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