Review: Darkestah – The Great Silk Road [2008]

Amazon DarkestahExploring the epic evilness of the black and pagan metal scenes, German by way of Central Asian (Kyrgyzstan to be exact) unit Darkestah have plotted out a dastardly five-track, 54-minute excursion laden with a folksy degree of traditional instrumentation and a general sense of damnation seeping through this squad’s infernal pores (“Inner Voice”). Fortified by an incessant stomp that moves with a menacing yet cinematic-like grace (“Cult of Tengri”) all tied together with a fittingly demonic female lead vocal rasp providing the netherworldly narrative, THE GREAT SILK ROAD deserves to be exalted as a sweepingly exotic affair that followers of atmospheric dark metal will find no problem gravitating towards. -Mike SOS

3 Stars

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