Amazon Suidakra CogGerman Pagan metal veterans Suidakra are back with a rousing nine-track presentation titled CROGACHT. Authentic Celtic instrumentation (bagpipes and tin whistles) and epic death metal collide to bring the revered Irish myth of Cuchulainn to life with a flurry of orchestral metal providing the dramatic soundtrack. Fortified via a well-balanced mix of crushing Viking metal (“Baile’s Strand”) and intense traditional compositions (“Feats of War”), Suidakra finds themselves at full-strength during the glorious fury of “Scathach,” a piece where both of the band’s unique styles juxtapose to create a colossal listening experience. Crogacht is an album laden with sweeping melodies and displays a captivating vigor that whisks you away into Suidakra’s epic brand of metallic folklore. -Mike SOS

4 StarsSuidakra is Arkadius Antonik (Vocals/Guitars/Keyboard/Banjo), Marcus Riewaldt (Bass), & Lars Wehner.

Track Listing:

  1. “Slan”
  2. “Conlaoch”
  3. “Isle Of Skye”
  4. “Scathach”
  5. “Feats Of War”
  6. “Shattering Swords”
  7. “Ar Nosc Fola”
  8. “Gilded Oars”
  9. “Baile’s Strand”

Check out Suidakra’s compilation 13 Years of Celtic Wartunes released in 2008.

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