Review: Enslaved – Vertebrae [2008]

Amazon EnslavedNorwegian metal merchants Enslaved have put out their most progressive album to date with their latest (and tenth!) offering, the eight-track VERTEBRAE. Far removed from their primitive origins, this squad’s psychedelic rock meets black metal approach takes Pink Floyd into the catacombs for a swirling sojourn into lands discovered by the likes of Opeth (“Ground”). Using a mesmerizing black metal foundation (“New Dawn”) to launch haunting riffs and atmospheric sections, Enslaved have realized the unimaginable possibility of making a black metal album boundless. Lurking with rich subtleties and a devastating sonic crush, Vertebrae showcases a stunning collection of music that requires multiple listens to fully appreciate the grandiose vision and creative splendor of Enslaved, yet stands strong as another top-notch release in the band’s impressive catalog. -Mike SOS

4.5 StarsEnslaved is Ivar Bjørnson (Guitar/Keyboards), Grutle Kjellson (Bass/Vocals), Arve Isdal (Guitar), Cato Bekkevold (Drums), & Herbrand Larsen (Keyboards/Vocals).

Track Listing:

  1. “Clouds”
  2. “To The Coast”
  3. “Ground”
  4. “Vertebrae”
  5. “New Dawn”
  6. “Reflection”
  7. “Center”
  8. “The Watcher”

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