Review: Hellveto – Neoheresy [2009]

Amazon HellvetoFeaturing six tracks connecting a pulled-back brand of black metal with massive Pagan and symphonic overtones, Polish one-man band Hellveto lays down a multi-layered metallic strike with NEOHERESY. Able to switch from tremolo-picked rage to serenity-laden subdued with relative ease (and more importantly with the audience following along), this disc possesses both a savage grace and a warmongering spirit, showcasing an orchestral belligerence somewhere between Emperor and Faith No More on “Milczace Sumienie” while “Taran” slithers with a sense of foreboding atmospherics. Strengthened by an omnipresent use of keyboards setting mood swings and overall aura, Hellveto has crafted a bellicose affair whose broad scope and non-traditional leanings will keep you guessing. -Mike SOS

3.5 Stars

Track Listing:

  1. “Tarzan”
  2. “Herezja”
  3. “Gdy Umiera Swit”
  4. “Milczace Sumienie”
  5. “Choragiew Ktora Splonie”
  6. “Sredniowieczna Egzekucja”

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