Review: Chickenfoot – Chickenfoot [2009]

Amazon ChickenfootChickenfoot, the supergroup concoction of legendary hard rock frontman Sammy Hagar, guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith offer an eleven track self-titled debut that confirms a recent speculative statement — It is now truth that “Satch” is the best guitarist to play alongside Hagar ever.

Some songs sound like a classic Satriani cut that happens to have Hagar on the mic (“Soap on a Rope,” “Down The Drain”) while others sound like a recently discovered b-side from the Van Hagar era (“Runnin’ Out,” “Sexy Little Thing”). Every track features a flawless Satriani solo, and at 61 years old, Hagar can still dominate the microphone in a beastly manner. The impressive and aggressive drumming of Smith is a pleasant surprise (“Avenida Revolution”) as he is the one that didn’t seem to fit the lineup upon the initial announcement.

All in all, Chickenfoot is mandatory summer listening for the fan of hard rock music. For best results, find an open highway just before dusk, preferably along a coastal landscape, hit the pedal, crank it up, and cruise the lonely gray pavement into the pitch-dark sky –Meds

4 StarsChickenfoot is Sammy Hagar (Vocals), Joe Satriani (Guitars), Michael Anthony (Bass), & Chad Smith (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Avenida Revolution”
  2. “Soap On A Rope”
  3. “Sexy Little Thing”
  4. “Oh Yeah”
  5. “Runnin’ Out”
  6. “Get It Up”
  7. “Down The Drain”
  8. “My Kinda Girl”
  9. “Learning To Fall”
  10. “Turnin’ Left”
  11. “Future Is The Past”


  1. Amazon’s got this for 4 bucks or something crazy like that. Pretty cool. Sammy, and especially Michael, deserve some credit for the crap they’ve been through with Eddie. Hope this does really well for them.

  2. There was a line out the Best Buy store this morning upon opening. It was great to see the Chickenfoot cardboard stand-up promos all over the store. This a great album and I am sure it will be a fun tour this summer.

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