Amazon From JupiterDespite their cosmic name, the spawn of Taking Back Sunday and New Found Glory has no interplanetary connections, as From Jupiter’s 11-track offering NO, SERIOUSLY follows in their proud parent’s footsteps to a fault. This Vermont-based outfit churn out power pop punk with panache, as tracks like the keyboard-assisted “Karmaward,” the sappy yet effective “Slow Motion” and “Take Me Back” contain all of the sticky-sweet melody and contagious hooks you’d find on a Yellowcard or Simple Plan disc. Providing an innocuous listening experience, this well-polished batch of tunes have all the makings to make an impact on the audience that finds themselves too old for The Jonas Brothers yet primed to rock out at Warped Tour. SOS

2 Stars

Track Listing:

  1. “Oxygen Tastes Like Patience”
  2. “No, Seriously”
  3. “Rocket Boy”
  4. “Karmaward”
  5. “Slow Motion”
  6. “Feeny Says, Go For It Mr. Matthews”
  7. “The Magician’s Assistant”
  8. “Take Me Back”
  9. “I Can Do It Better”
  10. “Blueprint To A Lie”

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