Amazon Buried InsideCanadian squad Buried Inside return after a four-year layover with SPOILS OF FAILURE, a viscous and vitriolic affair curiously titled only in roman numerals. Produced by underground guru Kurt Ballou, this eight-track offering yields an elaborate mix of sludgy guitars, gut-wrenching vocals, and mammoth percussion, at times breaking through with the majestic fury of Isis on steroids (“III”). Intertwining post-hardcore venom with a doom metal oppressiveness (“V”), these menacing merchants of despair demonstrate a searing array of progressively structured blackhearted hardcore mired in cascading waves of hypnotic hopelessness and unrelenting sheer ferocity, painstakingly laying down groundwork to the soundtrack for those at the end of their rope. -Mike SOS

3 StarsBuried Inside is Nick Shaw (Vocals), Andrew Tweedy (Guitar/Vocals), Emmanuel Sayer (Guitar), Steve Martin (Bass/Vocals), & Mike Godbout (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “I”
  2. “II”
  3. “III”
  4. “IV”
  5. “V”
  6. “VI”
  7. “VII”
  8. “VIII”

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