Review: Architect – Ghost Of The Salt Water Machine [2008]

Amazon ArchitectLaying down a confrontational and caustic foundation of apocalyptic heaviness, Architect’s abrasive metallic hardcore tackles weighty sociopolitical issues while crashing through aural receptacles with the grace of a piledriver on their nihilistic nine-track affair GHOST OF THE SALT WATER MACHINE. Channeling the red-faced, well-informed aggression of Deadguy, Coalesce, and Ringworm, this sextet boasts the scathing guitar tones and seismic rhythmic rumblings (“Uninventing the Wheel”) that come sans fancy haircuts and energy drink endorsements, opting to keep an eye on society’s ills rather than on the TMZ ticker (“The Dog and Pony Show”). And when this act’s heartfelt screamy gang shouts (“I Am Become Death”) and sludgy atmospherics kick in (“Camelot in Smithereens”), be prepared to spiral through the depths of urban decay and modern era blight while this seething troupe paves the way. www.blackmarketactivities.comMike SOS

3 Stars

Track Listing:

  1. “Camelot In Smitherines”
  2. “Uninventing The Wheel”
  3. “Lamplighter”
  4. “Death & Taxes”
  5. “Casus Belli”
  6. “I Am Become Death”
  7. “House Of 1,000 Habeus Corpses”
  8. “The Dog And Pony Show”
  9. “Traitor”

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