Amazon Veer UnionThere’s not a shred of anything remotely AGAINST THE GRAIN about The Veer Union’s current three-song sampler that you don’t learn at Chad Kroeger 101, yet this fellow Canadian quartet’s advanced placement yields an angst-ridden vocal and action-movie hooky punch whose youthful exuberance and slick package demands attention, even if for a fleeting moment (“Seasons”) to check the screen and see if it’s Theory of A Deadman or Hinder pumping out the mediocre hard rock. www.universalmotown.comMike SOS

2 StarsThe Veer Union is Crispin Earl (Vocals), Eric Schraeder (Guitar/Backing Vocals), James Fiddler (Lead), Marc Roots (Bass), & Neil Beaton (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Seasons”
  2. “Youth of Yesterday”
  3. “Over Me”
  4. “Darker Side of Me”
  5. “I’m Sorry”
  6. “Final Moment”
  7. “Better Believe It”
  8. “Into Your Garden”
  9. “Your Love Kills Me”
  10. “Breathing In”
  11. “Where I Wanna Be”
  12. “What Have We Done”

GOR Recommendation: Charm City Devils, Chickenfoot, and The Last Vegas.

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