Track Review: Megadeth "Head Crusher" Endgame [2009]

Amazon Head CrusherAre you ready for another face pummeling courtesy of Megadeth? You damn well better be—the brand new track “Head Crusher” from the upcoming album Endgame is devastating. From the band’s opening assault, you immediately feel like you are hearing legitimate old school Mustaine and company that would make Vic Rattlehead proud. After all, the new album was recorded in the band’s new studio called Vic’s Garage. There is a great chugging riff at the break (2:01), which leads into diabolical arpeggios and exotic scale-play reminiscent of “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due.” Clocking in at 3:26, “Head Crusher” is a powerful thrash track that is straight to the point of classic brutality –Meds

Endgame is due out on Roadrunner Records Sept. 15, 2009. If you turn away from the Michael Jackson memorial service for a few minutes you can download “Head Crusher” here for free until tomorrow.

4 StarsMegadeth is Dave Mustaine (Vocals/Guitar), Chris Broderick (Lead Guitar), James LoMenzo (Bass), & Shawn Drover (Drums).

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Update 9/9/09: Read the full album review of Megadeth’s Endgame here

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