Review: Vanmakt – Ad Luciferi Regnum [2009]

Amazon VanmaktFar from reinventing the wheel yet capable to drum up some scare with their competent yet common strand of evil blackened metal, nefarious Swedish troupe Vanmakt blast their way through nine-tracks of misanthropic misery on AD LUCIFERI REGNUM. Dispersing a maelstrom of tremolo-picked madness (“Reincarnation Hatred,” “The Ascension”), this band employs a large sum of tried and true genre tactics and nuances to hammer its menacing message through unsuspecting skulls, yet it should be noted that if you already pledge allegiance to the most sadistic from the Nordic states, there’s nothing here you haven’t experienced before. Nonetheless, Vanmakt does an acceptable job of conjuring the spirits of the underworld and should appeal to those who like a mix of symphonic death metal with a bit more bite. www.pulverised.netMike SOS

2 StarsVanmakt is Mattias “Gorgoth/Morg” Svensson (Vocals), Magnus Wohlfart (Guitar), Victor “Vladr” Dahlgren (Bass), & Leidheim (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “The Second Key”
  2. “Brethren of Lucifer”
  3. “Endless Myth”
  4. “Re-Incarnating Hatred”
  5. “Ad Luciferi Regnum”
  6. “Id XIII Inferni”
  7. “The Ascension”
  8. “Beneath the Moor”
  9. “Written in Blood”

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