NZA's Review: Kiss – Sonic Boom [2009]

Amazon KissI can’t say that I underestimated Kiss before listening to Sonic Boom maybe just “underexpected” (my new word) them. That’s all gone now. Raise up your horns kiddies and let the ol’ Knights in Satan’s Service take you on a nice and rockin’ ride! Sonic Boom reinvents Kiss and brings a whole new respect of the band personally for me.

They follow the formula that best suits them: Keep it Simple, stupid! Tracks like “Never Enough” and “Stand” make me forget that its 2009 and feel like im listening to the vintage Kiss records of the 70’s.

Ace Frehley and Peter Criss aren’t here and for the first time, I really don’t miss them. Eric Singer provides the big BANG Kiss needs while Tommy Thayer rips and shreds like the bastard nephew of Ace Frehley, Bruce Kulick, and Vinnie Vincent.

“I’ve got the power any hour, baby, feel my tower of power” is the poetry of Gene Simmons and he is the only one that could get away with sayin’ it (“Hot & Cold”). Paul Stanley still does his “ooooohs” and “ahhhhhs” and I could just see him strutting his stuff playing along to these tunes.

All in all, Sonic Boom is the best stuff the originators of the rock n roll circus have to offer in merely two decades. Welcome back Kiss and I am sure, not that Sonic Boom helped, you will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame before your tour is “officially” over -NZA

3 StarsKiss is Paul Stanley (Vocals/Guitars), Tommy Thayer (Guitars/Vocals), Gene Simmons (Bass/Vocals), & Eric Singer (Drums/Vocals).

Sonic Boom is available exclusively at Wal-mart in a 2 disc+ 1 DVD set. Disc 2 is Klassic Kiss hits rerecorded w/ Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer and the DVD is Kiss Live in Buenos Aires. 3 discs for under $15 bucks ain’t that bad. OHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH!!!!!!

Track Listing:

  1. “Modern Day Delilah”
  2. “Russian Roulette”
  3. “Never Enough”
  4. “Yes I Know (Nobody’s Perfect)”
  5. “Stand”
  6. “Hot and Cold”
  7. “All for the Glory”
  8. “Danger Us”
  9. “I’m an Animal”
  10. “When Lightning Strikes”
  11. “Say Yeah!”

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  1. excellent review. I feel the music and vocals are above par, the lyrics are classic cheesy KISS lyrics, but overall it’s a fantastic and fun album. I was actually hoping for it to be a bit HARDER than what it is. I was hoping for a huge sound more like Creatures of the Night, being that Eric and Tommy can provide that type of big rock sound. I was also hoping for a few angry Gene songs….I love “I’m an Animal” but it’s not as angry or heavy as “Unholy.” There are no “God of Thunder” or “Almost Human” type tracks but “I’m an Animal” I’ll take it as my substitute for “War Machine.” Very satisfied with it otherwise. I knew all the words after one listen lol.

  2. Good album, instant appeal but not sure if it will have lasting appeal. Lack of overall big riffs dissapointing. Makes the Carr/Kulick era obsolete and shows where they went wrong (80’s). Gene must be on prozac, he sounds too happy (yes, lack of Gene dirty n heavy songs) Eric is cool, Tommy is cool. Personaly i think they could have taken off the makeup to get rid of the comparisons with Ace n Peter and show what it is; a band that doesnt need Ace or Peter (and i love Ace n Peter but its over for them, well n truly. Heard their new stuff? Probably not cause it came and went without a whimper.) Good but wanted better.

  3. Great comeback album for KISS..Great Vintage feel from tunes like Yes.I Know nobody’s perfect…Good vocal debuts from Tommy and Eric….One of the years best albums…

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