Track Review: Airbourne "No Way But The Hard Way" No Guts, No Glory [2010]

If you dug the tunes from Runnin’ Wild then you will love the latest single from Airbourne, because “No Way But The Hard Way” is identical in feel to “Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast.”

AC/DC modeled guitar riffs are combined with stomp rock beats to ensure a head banging good time. However, in order to truly appreciate this band, you must take in one of their live shows.

The band’s recorded material consists of great stuff, but like any AC/DC album, can easily be played out –Meds

Airbourne is Joel O’Keefe (Vocals/Guitars), David Roads (Guitar), Justin Street (Bass), & Ryan O’Keefe (Drums).

No Guts, No Glory due out February 23, 2010

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