Track Review: Bret Michaels "Nothing to Lose" Custom Built [2010]

Update July 6: Read the Custom Built album review here

Poison frontman and reality star Bret Michaels offers brand new solo material with the single “Nothing to Lose,” from his upcoming album Custom Built.  Hold it hard rock fans, don’t get too excited because this track is more Goo Goo Dolls than “Look What the Cat Dragged in.”

Yes, it is a slow ballad but not in the same manner as “Every Rose Has it’s Thorn,” or even “Stand” for that matter; those classic tunes have some balls and power behind them. This track is irritatingly sappy and seems like it is catering to the female television viewers he picked up from the Rock of Love days.

Okay, it is not that terrible of a song, but I can hardly stomach numbers like this anymore. You know how these tunes go; lyrics like “if I fall for you, could you fall for me?,” insert vomit here, and add a mildly waltz-y feel.

Typically, I enjoy Michaels’ solo material, even 2003’s Songs of Life (believe it or not) but this one just doesn’t do it, not today.  However I can say that the John Mayer and Lifehouse adoring radio stations are going to eat this up.

Bret Michaels “Nothing to Lose”

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  1. i disagree. i like this tune alot. I hate what reality TV has done to the rockstar but at least it gives these guys a chance not to fall into the used bin. I agree that this is nowhere near the great ” Every Rose Has It’s Thorn ” but it’s nice to hear that Bret Michaels doesnt have to rely soley on that and could still pen a good ballad.

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