Track Review: Vince Neil "Tattoos & Tequila" Tattoos & Tequila [2010]

Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil returns with the ultra sleazy hard rocking single “Tattoos & Tequila,” his best solo release since the early 90’s.

The singles hard-living lyrics are mostly captivating and very catchy, particularly in the chorus with lines such as “come on take your clothes off…baby do a sweet dance…show me all your tattoos and drink my tequila.”

“Tattoos & Tequila” is hefty on the percussion with crashing toms in the beginning and pre-choruses.  The crunchy start-stop guitars steer the song through the verses where Neil begins each line of the verses with “I,” the tracks weakest feature.

Neil’s backing band is certainly more powerful than ever providing a blistering guitar solo, plenty of pinch harmonics, and Tommy Lee modeled drums.  There was clearly a lot of production employed on the single as it features layers upon layers of guitars and effects, from wah to talk box, which ultimately steals part of the care-free attitude and crude nature away from the track.

If this tune is any indication of what to expect from the new album as a whole, this could be Vince Neil’s best solo record to date.

Vince Neil is Vince Neil (Vocals), Jeff Blando (Guitars), Dana Strum (Bass), & Zoltan Chaney.

“Tattoos & Tequila” is available for download for free on Vince Neil’s official site as of today.

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